Friday, December 19, 2008

Susan Fischer's releases Chloros Guild

It all started with a vision from our prophet and Public Relations Guru, Susan Fischer. This followed with a discussions with Redd and his fear of how people will be after the event in 2036. We are all working on preparing but we needed a way to let people outside the group be aware of ways they could stop the damage that is currently occuring with the environment. If we can reduce the damage, possibly stop the damage and start repairing, our chance of survival as a people will grow.

This is Susan's vision and we are all behind her 100%. Over the next few years you will start to see some of our volunteers a PRET produce articles for this blog.

I would like to thank all of you for supporting this effort. If we all work together we can turn everything around. Art believes that "maybe if we appologize to gaia the universe will turn the other cheekand we may avoid April 13, 2036."

Here is the link to the blog:

Please visit it, comment and write Susan Fischer at with tips on future articles.

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