Thursday, May 22, 2008

David's Research Update: Beyond Cloning

David and Susan have been working hard researching Pshia and Living Water. Its only been a couple short weeks and already they have found some interesting information. You can check out what they found at:

Glen has been working hard as well, he looked into which foods have a long shelf-life. He came up with Rice, Wheat Berries, yeast, oatmeal, dried beans and peas for protien, honey, maple syrup, salt, baking powder and of course dried milk. This is just a start, he is continuing to research more items. However his research has brought up a lot of other important things. low temperature, low humidity and vacuum storage are vital to the longevity of food.

The other team members have been working hard as well. I hope to provide more updates on their progress as they report it to me.

We hope that this team working together on pshia and other initiatives can provide the PRET team with the vital information we need.

For more information on either please email

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