Friday, July 17, 2009

Why stop Hurricanes when we can control them?

Bill Gates is investing money on stopping hurricanes by pulling them to cooler water but why not find a way to contain them and use them for power generation. Much like we do with Niagara Falls.

Here is the article on bill gate's venture:

Eventually research may let us form them ourselves and control the ones we form for power generation. An attempt was made a while back but many lost control and we had Katrina and other hurricanes get loose from us and go ashore. That stopped our research till we were off the radar but hopefully this season we can continue in this space especially now that another venture is work on a similar project.

Our plan for the hurricanes was not to guide them to cooler water but guide them to a special spot on the shoreline where power generators were waiting. We collect the power then let them die out. Now that another funder is working on controlling hurricanes maybe some of their research will assist in controlling the hurricane for us. Let's hope this venture pays off and they do get control of them. It will mean natural power for us all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Glen's Update: Revolutionizing Food Storage Methods

We have been doing a lot of research in the area of preservation of food especially withthe long trip coming soon, but until now we have not had much luck, that is until today.

A friend of mine was able to stumble upon some unique research that mention a very strange theory thatjust might work. Most preserved foods have the water removed. This is a very expensive processand it means water needs to be added back later if available. But what if there is no water?

To understand the theory you have to ask yourself one question. Why remove the water?you probably said something about taking up less space, or that the water causes the food to rot quicker. Let's look at the first answer: If you have to store water too then you are in a sense using the same storage anyways.Now that we have that one out of the way, let's look at the second answer.

Water causes food to rot. But if we are not removing it what are we doing. Well what if water was not water. It seems a scientist has come up with a theory that if wealter the valence bonds of the water they will not oxidize. Suposedly he has a machine that does it.We are trying to track it down.

If you know more about this research or have one of these machines, I really would like to talk to you.Please email Susan Fischer at