Monday, January 28, 2008

Team Introductions

Welcome to PRET.

For those already familiar I may be repeating myself a little but its in hopes we will all get aquainted with the situation. I will start by introducing everyone.

  • Redd is a reporter with the local paper. He has an awareness to the situation through his gift of prophesy as well as his inside knowledge of the Meteor escape team at NASA.
  • Art is a University professor of Religious Studies and has a background in Astronomy
  • David is our Science expert
  • Glen is our food production and storage expert
  • Jasmine is our language expert
  • Lalaith is our communications expert
  • Tracy is our engineering and architecture expert
  • Kim is our geological expert
  • Diana is our financial and mathematics expert
  • Rick is our mining and excavation expert
  • Sasha is our librarian and Real Estate Agent
  • Michael is responsible for keeping each other in the loop and ensuring everything works together.
  • Susan Fischer is our Public Relations
We look forward to working with you to secure your safety and answer questions as you have them. Please email Susan Fischer at and she will ensure you get the answer from our team member most skilled in that area.