Wednesday, February 13, 2008

About PRET - Post Rapture Emergency Team

A lot of people have been asking what PRET is and how do we work. I thought I would send out an introduction so you are aware of our purpose.

PRET is preparing for your future. Our volunteers have purchased and will continue to purchase land, non-perishable goods and equipment to aid in the rebuilding of society after the rapture. PRET is not interested in buying prime real estate, rather it is interested in getting bargain properties nobody else wants and tranforming them to meet our needs. The same goes for equipment. By doing this we ensure we are efficiently preparing while not impacting current living conditions. We have a strong team from all walks of life working on preparations. Just look at the prior posting for a taste of the list of volunteers working with us.

Now that you know a little more about what PRET is, I thought I would share a bit more about what PRET is NOT.
  • PRET is NOT a registered charity NOR does it accept donations of any kind.
  • PRET itself does not own any land, supplies or equipment. All ownership is maintained by our volunteers. We rely souly on their loyalty, honor and their desire to reach the common goal and to this project to provide us with our needs when the time comes.
  • PRET is affiliated with Club 2036 and many of our volunteers are also members of the Club.
  • PRET is NOT affiliated with any religious organization, although many of our volunteers are members of a wide range of religious organization.

I hope this explains a bit more on what PRET is and what it is not. I am sorry I cannot reveal more at this time but for the security of our volunteers it is not currently possible.

Please check back often for updates on the coming storm and the efforts to prepare. This is not just a physical battle, but a spiritual and emotional one. We need to be prepared on all fronts for the upcoming battle for survival.

If you would like more information about PRET, please contact Susan Fischer at: